Sponging Gradient + Nails Inc Feathers in Brighton

Hey everyone!

Kind of a late post today. It's been a busy day that's gone by way too fast!

I got my hands on Nails Inc Brighton from the Feather Effects line at Sephora. I had to check 3 different locations in 2 cities coming up empty handed each time before I ordered it online. This seems to be the most popular color because now it's not in stock on the Sephora site either. But never fear! I think Sally Hansen will be coming to the rescue with a line of Feather dupes very soon! Check out more info on that from one of my absolute favorite beauty bloggers Nouveau Cheap.

So, to complement Brighton's fun color combo, Dustin did some sponging with Orly Lemonade and Orly Green with Envy. Brighton definitely has texture to it that an ordinary topcoat won't touch. Unfortunately, I was out of Gelous ( my favorite way to smooth out glitters/texture) so I had to deal with it. haha

The matte bars are definitely a departure from what we are used to seeing in the polish world. What do you think about this look?
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  1. Great manicure! That glitter looks pretty dense too.

  2. So pretty!! I can't wait to buy some of those feather effect polishes!

  3. This is amazing, love it! :)

  4. Love this color combination, it's so bright!

  5. I'm not sure how I feel about these kinds of glitters yet, but I LOVE what you did with it! Looks awesome!


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