Wet N Wild How I Met Your Magenta

Hey polish lovers!

I am starting my week off with a simple swatch. My husband got me some storage drawers for the overflow of my stash that had been living in a suitcase for the past year. It was a great opportunity to go through and revisit all the polishes I had been not using as much. I love having them more easily accessible now! My Wet n Wild polishes were in there and I picked out How I Met Your Magenta from the Fast Dry line to wear. I love the golden shimmer in here!

We n Wild is such an awesome brand. They have done a great job of offering new, exciting and (mostly) great quality products for practically nothing.

I swatched the entire Fast Dry Line a couple of years ago...if you want to see that post, click *here*!
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  1. This one is super pretty! I love Wet n Wild polishes!! You can't beat the quality for the price one bit! I will have to keep my eye out for this one at my local drugstore, such a pretty color especially for summer!

  2. Great color! Love the shimmer in this polish a lot :)

  3. I love this shimmer in this one. It's actually a favorite of mines but I haven't reached for it in so long.


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