Gunmetal with Nail Art

Lame title, I know, but also pretty accurate. haha

I forgot how much I like the color gunmetal for a polish. It's not quite as dramatic as black but still very chic looking. I used LA Splash Charcoal as my base and did some stamping with LA Colors Metallic Silver. I wished that I would have used the silver from the Essie Mirrors collection because that would have produced a much more crisp result but I forgot I had it until it was too late...oops. haha My accent nail is Jordana Galaxy which is the perfect gunmetal glitter. 

A simple, quick post but sometimes those are the best! :)
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  1. Short and sweet. That's what I always say! I completely agree with you about dark grey/gunmetal being a chic polish option. I quite like it both for mani's and for interior decorating. Well ... any shade of gray, really. :)

  2. This is such a nice manicure! I love the gunmetal color with it :)


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