KBShimmer Summer 2013 Select Swatches/Review

Hey everyone!

I am writing this while sunbathing on the deck watching my 2 year old play in her little pool. Love summertime! :)

To match my summertime state of mind, I have some swatches from KBShimmer's latest collection full of bright, season appropriate colors...let's take a look at what Christy sent!

First up is It's Razzical. I did 3 coats plus top coat. This dries to a sort of textured finish (not like the newer texture polishes) but one coat of top coat smoothed it all out. I love this pinky/magenta shade with all of it's bling from the holo glitters inside.

Next up, is Blinded By The Bright. Definitely an accurate name for this shade! haha A neon yellow with an assortment of rainbow glitters in the base makes for one sunglasses worthy polish! I did 3 coats without any white underwear and was very impressed with the coverage and ease of use formula-wise. Most neon yellows have an element of streakiness to them. I can see how this would be even brighter with the white underneath.

And finally, we have Grayscale. This is probably the most packed glitter topper um...ever! I did one coat over China Glaze Surfin' for Boys and look at how much glitter is on each nail! I was expecting this to be crazy thick and unruly but it was very manageable to use. Obviously, this topper can go over literally any color and look awesome. Also note the gray glitters...you don't see those very often!

There are 9 polishes in this collection in total, all available now and they are all worth checking out for sure! You can find them at KBShimmer.com as well has Harlow and Co.

What do you guys think of these KBShimmers? Any faves?

*Products sent for review in exchange for my honest opinions.
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