Orly Peaceful Opposition

This is Peaceful Opposition from Orly's spring collection. I haven't been too impressed with what Orly has offered up lately, and even with all the indies out there this polish probably seems boring to some. I decided to pick this one up anyway and I think it's a fun polish to have in my collection.

This has a sheer milky base and can be built to almost full coverage on it's own, however, my nails are always stained no matter how much care I put into them (base coats, buffing, etc) so sadly sheer polishes don't look their best on me. So I layered Peaceful Opposition over a white creme and I quite like the effect.

The milky base helps subdue the stark white polish underneath so I don't have the whole "White-Out nails" thing happening. ;)

Simple, but not boring!
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  1. Its really pretty! I love the square glitter in this polish a lot too :)

  2. I think you are right abot all the indies out there, but this polish still gives such a peacefull look that it is worthy :) Of course I regret not getting it and I think it looks so good on you :) Kisses,


  3. I think it's very pretty. I love the square glitter.


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