My 4th of July Nail Art Roundup!


I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. 

I really enjoy doing holiday nail art and 4th of July is no exception. Since it's only one day, I decided to make this week all about patriotic nail art! I love to revisit things I have done in the past to see how I have improved and enjoy whatever look I came up with at the time all over again. So I put together a little post of what I have done the past few years for my 4th of July manis. The rest of the week I will be featuring my current manis from this year to celebrate. Maybe you will get an idea or two!

This is from 2 years ago...you can probably tell! haha I think my nails/photos have come pretty far and improved in just about every way since then...still a fun design though. 

 The next 2 are from last year:

If you have any questions about what polishes/supplies I used, feel free to ask. :)

The possibilities are endless with holiday nail art and I look forward to seeing what all you awesome ladies come up with this year as well as sharing with you my looks for this year!

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