Loreal Miss Pixie + Jordana Lunar Lights

Hello readers!

I recently went through a phase where all of my polish choices were failing and nothing was translating from my head to the nail successfully. This mani is one of those. I have a love/hate relationship with iridescent glitters. They look really pretty in the bottle but I don't like them over just any color. The combo has to be perfect and this one wasn't that to me. This was supposed to be a jelly sandwich but for some reason I wasn't getting any depth even with repeated layers.

The final product isn't terrible, just kind of meh to me. ;) This is Loreal Miss Pixie and Jordana Lunar Lights.

Do you ever have "mani fail" phases?
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  1. I'm currently experiencing one now, I'm painting my nails at the moment. I hate that! I know this is meh to you, but I do like it a lot!!


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