Milani Fierce Foil Eyeshine Collection Swatches and Review

Almost through Milani's new releases for 2015!

Unfortunately, I wasn't a huge fan of the Fierce Foil Eyeshines. I reallly wanted to make these work and I couldn't make it happen. I am confused because I have seen a few positive reviews among mostly negative ones. So you never know, they might work for you!

These are supposed to give a multidimensional shine to lids. The press release says they are meant to last 2-6 hours. These eyeshines have a very creamy texture. Unlike anything I have experienced before. When I put my finger in the pan to pick up product, it mostly scoots around instead of picking up a substantial amount. The little rubber tipped applicator didn't do much for me either. The way that worked best was to get a little chunk on my finger to get decent coverage. 

For how much of a let down these were for me, they sure look pretty in the packaging!

Milan and Florence

These are the neutrals of the collection and they performed better than the brights. I think Florence is the better of the two.



Rome and Venice

My main issue with these is that they don't blend well. You could get away with layering a little over some coordinating shadow but I would keep it below the crease to prevent it from settling in it. These don't seem to ever set so they scoot around quite easily on the lid all day.



 I was hoping these would have a "wow" pigmentation factor to them. They aren't very practical for daily use but for a night out if you use them just right it could make a statement. I hate to give a negative review to a Milani product because most of them are spot on amazing.

Let me know if you have tried these Fierce Foil Eyeshines and what you think of them!

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