Zoya Naturel Satins Collection Swatches and Review

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Hey guys!

It's already February! Can you believe that spring is just around the corner? Zoya has made the transition from winter seamless (for your nails anyway) with some muted pastels that will work for either season. What's different about this collection, called Naturel Satins, is they feature a satin finish which is a middle of the road finish between glossy and matte. 

These all had the same formula which was thick and creamy but still easy to work with. I did 2 coats for all of my swatches.

Ana is a creamy eggshell shade.

Leah to me is a taupey shade with a little lavender to it.

Rowan is a greige color. Remember when this shade was all the rage for nails a few years ago?

Brittany is a pinky beige shade.

Sage is a light but dusty jade color.

And finally, Tove a dusty blue.

I think this is a great collection of neutrals that will go with anything. While the shades seem basic I can't think of any other brands off the top of my head that would be close to these. That may be because of the unique satin finish.

Zoya nail polish is available at Zoya.com for $9/bottle.

*Polish sent for review in exchange for my honest opinions.
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