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I finally got in some of the polishes I ordered from Head2Toe Beauty! I got 4 of the holos from Color Club...Worth the Risque, Fashion Addict, Wild at Heart, and Revvvolution. With the exception of Revvvolution,  I was kinda dissapointed because the formulas were definitely not as holo-y (if that's a word) as some swatches I had seen.  I looked into it and apparently new batches of these just weren't as strong. If you squint and hold your hand up to the light just right, you can sort of see some holo. :P They are all really pretty and definite one coaters which makes them good for stamping, so it's not a total loss! So here is Fashion Addict...it's a pretty pinky/lavender color. In some lights it almost looks grey:

My town doesn't ever see sunshine, so getting good lighting to coax out any holo was hard! In the bottle, these polishes remind me of the Tronica collection from China Glaze.

Dustin managed to salvage my disappointment by coming up with this totally cute design! Perfect for spring, I think! Unfortunately it didn't last long because I got all my new Zoyas in today! I don't know where to begin with those beauties! 

 For stamping we used Konad Black and White Polish. A tiny nail art brush was used to fill in flowers.
Thumb: Love and Beauty (no name)
Pointer: Sinful Colors 24/7
Middle: Sinful Colors Innocent
Ring: Sinful Colors Dream On
Pinky: China Glaze Peri-Wink-le
P.S. These pics are only huge to bring out the holo-ness. :P
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