Multicolor Scotch Tape Manicure

Hi polish lovers! I hope everyone is having a great Friday...it has been snowy and cold today where I live and it's almost May! Pathetic! haha

Anyway...here is the design Dustin came up with recently: 

I'm calling it a scotch tape mani, but we really used striping tape. It's easier to ensure even lines that way! 
I love how this turned out and I love this color combo!

Here's what we used:
Sinful Colors 24/7, NOPI My Lifesaver, and Claire's Tiger Lily, Pure Ice Busted

Doing these types of looks are always suspenseful because you never know if it's all going to look good until you peel the tape off! :P

Have a great weekend for me...my little town has nothing to do so I am sure whatever ya'll are doing is going to be a LOT more exciting! :)
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  1. Looks awesome!! I did scotch tape rays today too... I'm going to post them tomorrow!

  2. OH, I LOVE IT! Please, please please do a tutorial! I am dying to try this.

  3. @Amber great minds think alike! ;)

    @Minty- I'm glad you like it! I will have a tutorial up hopefully very soon!!

  4. Another great design, Love it!!!

  5. I love this so much! I may have to try it!

  6. This looks great! good idea with the striping tape didnt think of that. love those colors together


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