Zoya Mira French Tip

Hi everyone! Being from Tennessee, I have been thinking about those affected by the severe weather in the South last night. Such crazy destruction...please keep them in your thoughts!

Today's manicure is a french tip. I hardly ever do these because I think they are typical when it comes to nail art, and I'm always trying to be different! :) But I got the hankering anyway, and here it is:

Dustin did the tips freehand because he's good like that. :P We have been very busy lately so we didn't get around to taking pics until after a day, thus the tip wear.

Here's what we used: Zoya Mira for the tips, and Sinful Colors Glass Pink + Pure Ice Busted layered on the nail. Born Pretty Plate M12 and Konad Plate M25.
Dustin filled in the butterfly with Zoya Lolly and Sinful Colors Innocent and used a dotting tool inside the flowers.

That's it today...have a great day! 
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  1. Very pretty, Love the colors in the butterfly, He did a great job!

  2. Oh my gosh, I love the purple tip with the daisies! I may have to steal this idea and try it!

  3. Thanks- you guys are awesome!

    @Fiona- Go for it! I always love seeing what people come up with!


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