Nail Polish Storage

Happy Easter (for those that celebrate)! I am wishing I was closer to my family today, because celebrating holidays always makes me miss them more! But I hope you guys have had a fun day!

So I don't have actual nails for you today, but I am showing you my polish storage. I didn't want to make this a stash post because I personally find them pointless (unless you readers really care to see it in detail). It took me forever to find the perfect thing that would be the right size AND aesthetically pleasing because Dustin and I have about as much fun decorating our apartment as we do my nails. :P I also wanted to make sure that whatever we got I was able to childproof because once our little Taylee starts crawling that is the LAST thing I want her to get into!!

Here it is! It's a cabinet from Target- the kind you put together. It was only $25 and had just the right amount of space. We found some cute vinyl stickers to match our decor, because plain white is just boring! haha

So the inside has 2 shelves for polish and the bottom shelf holds all of my nail supplies.

And because the shelves get a little shadowy and dark on the polish bottles, we added touch lights that we just attached with double stick tape. It actually makes a difference, even though it might not look like it here!

Here is the secret to fitting the 140+ bottles in there now...

Dustin built 2 tiered shelves out of foam board. He took pictures for a tutorial in case any one was interested...other wise I won't go through the work to make a post! haha

So hopefully this helps someone out there with a growing polish collection who needs more space! A little creativity and personalization go a long way!!

Finally, if you haven't already, you should really check out Glammed-Up. Her polish storage and collection is absolutely jaw dropping...you really need to see it for yourself!
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  1. I need to find a better storage method for my polish... its in a plastic container for now. I went and checked out Glammed Up's storage and my jaw hit the floor!! *eyes bugging out of head* AMAZING!!

  2. I know right?! I wish I had that much space to dedicate to my obsession! haha

  3. Hey I'm your new follower- found you on pink wednesdays. Go Pink! Anyways, this is so cute. Where did you get the stickers for your cabinet? I just have a bunch of train cases stacked up, unorganized and very frustrating.

  4. Hi! Thanks for following! :)

    I just found them at Ross...TJ Maxx also has a bunch of that kind of stuff too. I know how you feel about the unorganization my last storage bin was overflowing and I could barely carry it anywhere. :P

  5. Wow, this a a great storage idea! x

  6. can I see the tutorial!! I wanna try this! thx! :D


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