Zoya Apple

Happy Saturday! Today is when Dustin can help me with my nails and I don't feel bad about taking up his precious study time. ;) For my mani today I used Apple from Zoya's Sunshine collection as the base. I don't think these pics do it justice...

Actually, I think most swatches of Zoya don't do them justice...they always look 10x better in person! :)

And here is my psychedelic  design (I never use that word in real life, but that's what this look reminds me of)! :P Anyway, I wasn't in the mood for anything too involved so I opted for a fool-proof full nail design. This is Konad plate M64 stamped with Konad White.

I used a dotting tool and Sinful Colors 24/7 to cover the white dots in the design. It looks like it took forever to do, but the dotting tool  helped me do both hands in probably 5 minutes! I got them for less than $3 on ebay...there were lots available, go take a look!

I really liked this fun look, and I hope you did too!!

That's all for now...I hope ya'll have a great weekend!! :)
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  1. I had almost gotten Apple in the Zoya exchange, but now I wish I had since this is a cool green! Love the full-nail design!

  2. It's a one of a kind polish for sure! But Zoya has so many good promos often so I am sure you will pick it up eventually...I have a Zoya wishlist all ready to go for their promos. haha


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