Pink Wednesday: Kleancolor Holo Pink

Hello again! If any of you happened to be on my blog late last night you probably thought that it was having a spaz attack...I am in the process of a layout revamp! haha I hope you like it...I haven't decided if I'm gonna keep it though.

It's Pink Wednesday today and I finally have a real pink mani to show! Unfortunately I don't have a picture of this color on it's own. But it's a pink jelly with holo glitter throughout. You can see it more in the bottle than on my nails here.

I layered an opaque coat of Sinful Colors Beautiful Girl underneath to brighten the Holo Pink up a bit. Without it, it's virtually nonexistent from a distance. 

For the design, I wanted to mix tough with girly. I originally had a skull in this design, but my taste is really more girly so I nixed it. :P But I do like this result! It's Bundle Monster plate 12 and stamped with Konad Black.

This mani was put through the ringer before I got to take pics of it so it could be better! Thanks for looking and I look forward to your pink manis!  :)
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  1. I like the blog revamp, especially the background! I love the edginess of this mani with the pink and the black! This makes me wonder how difficult free handing chains would be... I may have to try it because I love this look!

  2. Ah yay I'm glad you like the blog...it needed help. haha

  3. Feminine pink with black chains are so edgy and cute at the same time


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