Zoya Breezi Scotch Tape Mani

Hey polish lovers! I FINALLY got Taylee down for a nap so it's time for a post!
Dustin was out of town half of last week so I was left to my own devices when it came to doing my nails...thus the lack of creativity! :P I managed to do an ok job on a scotch tape mani. The base is Zoya Breezi. It's part of their Summertime collection. This color was a lot darker than I thought it would be, but I still love me some Zoya!

China Glaze DV8 was a perfect holo twin for Breezi. I used scotch tape to make the stripes. They are uneven because of that...it was only when I was done that I remembered that I have striping tape that would have made them all uniform! Oh well...I can try that another time. DV8 is really pretty but I messed up the whole presentation of it's holo-y goodness by putting a top coat on. Normally I know better, but I wanted to smooth the lines from the tape.

That's all I have today...another Pink Wednesday tomorrow! :)
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  1. I really like this! As much as I do like holos, I like the effect with the top coat, it turns it into a gorgeous shimmer!! And the uneven lines work too, it makes the design have movement, like its swirling upwards or downwards... :)


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