Pink Wednesday: My Lifesaver

Hi! Another Pink Wednesday today! I had applied a pink polish before I went to bed the other night and woke up with bubbles and sheet marks...so I said buh-bye! Pink Wednesdays have made me realize that I need more pink polishes...enter Zoya's Earth Day exchange promo! So for now, this look will have to suffice.
This is my favorite color combo EVER! My Lifesaver is from the Beiber Collection from NOPI. This color just makes me happy.

I used a random glitter from Sally Beauty's store line..it is pink, but doesn't show up that way in pics. For stamping we used M54 from Born Pretty store. Dustin colored in the flower with Zoya Lolly.

Next Wednesday is gonna be more pink for sure!
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  1. I love the design,so cute and the stamps are lovely,I need to get me some of those.

  2. You should! They are a really good deal!

  3. Wow, I wish I could do nail art like that (or knew someone who could do stuff like that)!

  4. It definitely takes practice! My husband is better at it than me...how many other nail bloggers can say that? haha

  5. I love the combo of My Lifesaver and the pink! It almost looks like cherry blossoms!!

  6. I know, I am so in love with this combo!


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