China Glaze Sexagon + Mini Tutorial

Hi lovelies! I am trying to stay resilient through this mono by keeping up with my nails...it lifts my spirits a little bit. :)

Dustin found Sexagon from China Glaze's Kaleidoscope collection on Ebay. It was used, but it showed up in the mail barely used! Moral of the story: Give used polishes a chance! :) 

This polish was good in 5 coats because the formula is SUPER thin. Dustin had the idea to layer it over Color Club Worth the Risque in order to save this precious polish, and I don't think it affected the overall appearance of Sexagon. (I had done one hand with just Sexagon to compare.)

Dustin calls this the "psychedelic" stamp design. It's Bundle Monster plate M221 stamped with Konad Black and Pink. I am including some pics at the end of this post on how to stamp with multiple colors at a time.

So Dustin thought this was a self explanatory thing, but I know there are lots of newbies out there so I figured why not? Here is how to stamp with multiple colors at once:

Put dots of stamping polish on your design. Place the dots in the general area that you want the scraper to place each color when you actually scrape the polish across the image.


 This is what you'll get:

 As always, you have to be quick with stamping polishes since they dry really fast. This is just an example of how you could place the different colors on a stamp. Be creative! :)

I hope this helps someone out there and it wasn't too mundane! 

I mentioned that I am sick and I will be going to live with my parents for a few weeks while I try to recover and so they can help with my baby. That way my husband will be able to focus on school! We are going to still prepare some things for you before we part ways though...but even so, if there's a lack of posting you know why! Until next time! <3
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  1. Its really cool how you did this, love the idea of mixing colours for the stamp!

  2. Get well soon.

    -That stamping is AMAZING!

  3. Wow I love the stamping and want that China Glaze nail polish its gorgeous. :)



  4. This is awesome! I love playing around with Konad.

  5. The second mani is so pretty ! I love it . It's so creative .

  6. this is really awesome thanks for this post


  7. Thanks...you guys are awesome!


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