Ombre Manicure

Hey! I am back finally... things have been crazy lately. I never really got better from being sick 2 weeks ago...I just went to the doctor today and I have MONO! ugh I really hope it doesn't affect my posting. At least I can still do nails even when I don't feel good right?!

So this mani is from last night and I really wasn't into it since I wasn't feeling too hot. This is an ombre, or gradient look. I chose to use my favorite color...although my middle finger (NOPI My Lifesaver) looks a lot more blue here. A tip if you don't have 5 different shades of a color: mix in white to lighten it up.

Thumb:  Sinful Colors Rise and Shine
Index: Sinful Colors Mint Apple
Middle: Nicole by OPI My Lifesaver
Ring: Revlon Minted
Pinky: Sinful Colors White on White with a layer of Revlon Minted

We topped it off with Bundle Monster plate 208. Sorry for the overall quality of the mani...I know it's not the best!

To make up for that, here are some more baby nails for you guys!

This is Sinful Colors Rise and Shine with Nubar 2010 on top.

Then we did Zoya Charla with Zebra print...but don't worry, as soon as she got in the bath an hour later, her mani came right off!

My little polish lover. <3 (She only has a nail polish bottle for this pic!)

Hope those of you in the USA have fun Memorial Day weekend plans. Don't forget...my giveaway ends in 5 days! Click the pic in the top right of my blog to enter! <3
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  1. Oh no, you've opened a whole new world to me now: baby mani's?! How cute is that - especially her toes! :)

  2. super cute! she sits still so you can paint her nails?

    my son takes my bottles and starts counting them. since he only counts to 3, he never ends. lol he's only 19 months.


  3. nice manis... and pedis ;-)
    and baby is so cute :-D

  4. Oh my, cuteness! You even managed to get the bottle holding shot down. :)
    The only downside is no one can focus on the great job you did with your ombre after seeing the baby pics lol.

  5. How adorable!! Such a cutie pie. Sorry that your sick that sucks hard core!! Hope you get better fast, so we can see some new baby nail art!!! I see an up and coming nail diva. :)

  6. that is so precious! she's adorable :D my 8 month old daughter is beginning to pick up polish bottles too! love the design on the ombre mani though :)

  7. OMG those baby nails are adorable!!!

    please check my blog and follow. updates every day :)


  8. HOLY CRAP! Baby toes AND fingers?? Too much cute! How did you get her to sit still for that?? Wait .. let me guess - nap time? :) Love it!

  9. So glad you guys liked the baby nails! I will try to keep more coming...and yes, nap time is KEY to these working out! lol

  10. Your little girl is so CUTE! Love the nails :)


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