China Glaze 2Nite

Hey everyone! I hope you are all having a great Friday! Mine is being spent cleaning. How fun. :P

I have another holo from China Glaze's OMG collection for you today!! This 2Nite. I think it is the second best in terms of strength of the holographic next to OMG. Even in not so great lighting this polish is crazy! I don't normally do this, but I made the pictures in this post XL so you guys can really see the holo detail.

I am so in love with this color too...it's just like China Glaze Secret Periwinkle only holo-fied! 

The design today is more simple and I think it's too similar to what I did when I wore OMG last week, but it's still a fun look.

We used Bundle Monster plate 205, stamped with Konad white, and filled in the flowers with a dotting tool using NOPI My Lifesaver, Kleancolor Pastel Yellow, and Sinful Colors Summer Peach.

And another angle, just to show off more holo!

Thank you for reading...you guys are the best! Have a great weekend!
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  1. OMG what an amazing Konad manicure! I love it :D Never knew that the combination of a holo with Konad AND color's would look nice :D!


  2. Thank you very much Tessa!!

  3. So creative! I wonder how pretty would that look on a black base!

    I'm such a sucker for holos, I really would love to get my hands on OMG collection, shame I can't find it anywhere

  4. oh gosh its looking superb after stamping

  5. I love the colored dots on the design. I haven't used that design yet because I don't want my mani to look plain, but the dots add another level of art! So cute

  6. I love the little colored dots! It looks so pretty!


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