Orly Bubbly Bombshell

Hey readers! I am back after a weekend without posting...we have been doing some major spring cleaning this weekend and it's far from being done so my nails have become a lesser priority at the moment. We finally got around to them yesterday though!

This is Bubbly Bombshell from Orly's Pin-Up collection. I also got Here Comes Trouble which is the green glitter. I love love love these glitters! I wish that one of the 2 pink creams in the collection had been a glitter. So now I am looking for a hot pink glitter with full coverage. If anyone knows of one please tell me!!

 There are much better swatches out there than these, but that's ok!

There are different sized glitters in this polish and it covers in 3 coats. That said it was a little difficult to work with. You can tell by all the stray glitters around my nail!

We finally settled on black tips using ELF Black polish and the bow design from Konad plate M56. Then we added rhinestones from Born Pretty store. 

We had a hard time capturing the truest form of how this mani looks in person, but I think it turned out alright. Seche Vite  is the best topcoat to use with this type of polish. It smoothes everything out and makes it extra sparkly! 

Detail of the thumb:

So there you have it! Also, as of this morning, I have reached 101 followers! So exciting! Stay tuned for my giveaway beginning tomorrow!!! <3
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  1. I love that polish and the look you came up with! So cute! :)

  2. Very cute with the little bows :)

  3. Thank you both! This is definitely my go to stamping design...can't go wrong with a cute bow!

  4. The bows are so cute! I now want to find Bubbly Bombshell; soo pretty AND it's an awesome glitter polish!


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