*Nail Art Contest Entry*

Hey ya'll! Hope everyone had a good Monday... mine was super busy, so I'm posting a little later than usual. I wanted to show you guys my entry for a Disney themed nail art contest that Orlica at Confessions of a Polishaholic is hosting. Thanks to Dolores from Colorful Bottle's Blog for telling me about it! And of course I want to ask you for the favor of giving me a vote. :) You can only vote once by using the form at the bottom of THIS post. There are a lot of fun entries by some VERY talented ladies, so even if you don't want to vote you should still check them out! Thank you in advance!!

My entry is based off of 101 Dalmations. We stamped and used freehand:

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  1. Absolutely amazing! I voted for you :)

  2. I'm really happy you entered =). If I had so much talent for drawing as you do, I would enter too, but I really suck at drawing =).
    You definitely have my vote, because this is really awesome <3

  3. Thanks...you guys are awesome!!

  4. I love it, its sooooo good! Haha! I love 101 Dalmations too!
    I voted for ya!

  5. @ Fiona- Thank you! I didn't know if people would think it was a totally random choice out of all the Disney movies! haha

  6. This is so cute! I love the thumb and ring nail the best because of the tiny paw prints!


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