Zoya Areej

Hello again! I wanted to thank those of you who have voted for my nail art contest entry...even though it's pretty obvious I don't stand a chance!! haha 

I have been wearing this mani for 2 days now... a record! It's only because we have been so busy lately...but I think Areej is a pretty good color to get stuck with for 2 days. ;) By now you all know that Areej is from Zoya's Summertime collection. This went on in one coat...always a huge plus! I can't remember who it was but recently a blogger compared this shade to Barney...and once I thought about it, it really does look like Barney! haha

Here is this design that Areej inspired. A jewel toned peacock look! The only downside is that this mani was ridiculously hard to photograph. I think it's because of the gold we used to stamp? Hopefully ya'll get the idea anyways!

What we used: Orly Luxe and Konad black to stamp. Details added with Zoya Breezi and Mira as well as an unamed green from Love and Beauty (Forever 21). Bundle Monster plates used: 212 and 15.

Again, sorry for the not so great pics! These are from a second round of trying to capture this look!

I hope you like it and thank you for reading!!
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  1. Beautiful nails :). I love it.

    By the way, you have a reward on my blog :)

  2. WOW, I think this is the best mani I have seen yet, I was ALWAYS looking at that stamp like IDK what to do with that, LOL. Great job!! LOVE it!!!

  3. OOOOooh. Love! I have a big fondness for peacocks!


  4. @Karin- Thank you so much...I was worried this one was gonna be a dud because of the pic fail. But I love it too when I see other people use a stamp that I would never know what to do with in a cool way!

  5. I don't think I would have ever thought of pairing peacocks with pink, but it goes so well together!
    very cute mani!! :)


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