Nail Foil Crackle Tutorial

Well it looks like Blogger is kinda back to normal...so I am posting yesterday's post today. I noticed my giveaway post is gone, but I know Blogger is working on restoring it. For those who have already entered my giveaway since yesterday (May 12) , I have your entries recorded. 

On to the fun stuff! I have my first tutorial for ya'll today! I had some requests for tutorials as well as how to use nail foils, so we combined the two. I started with Sinful Colors Forget Now as the base. It's a berry pink with purplish glass flecks in it.

I think the name is really weird, and don't see what it has to do with a nail polish, but that's ok! :P Application was good in 2, but perfect in 3 coats.

So once you have your base color, the next 2 photos show the materials you need.
I got the foils and adhesive from Dollar Nail Art. Obviously, pretty much everything there is $1, but last I checked you have to make a $25 minimum purchase. But that just gives you an excuse to get lots of fun things! :P Besides foils they have lots of other nail art stuff.

Next, cut of a decent sized strip of foil. Brush adhesive on the paper to roughly the size of the strip you cut. Put your foil strip on top of the adhesive and once you have it all down pull it off quickly. Your paper should look like this:

Now paint your nails with the adhesive. It goes on like a milky whitish color, but dries clear. (But don't let it dry before the next step!)

Right after painting, take a sponge and dab your nails. Let the adhesive become clear, but don't wait too long or it will dry.

Cut off a nail sized strip and place it on top of your nail. Push the foil piece down onto the nail. Sometimes it helps to get a cuticle pusher to smooth it all down securely.

Immediately after it's all pushed down the way you like it, pull the strip off and you get this!

Dustin came up with this idea. He was very proud of himself! :P

It's an alternative to the crackle look that every polish company is jumping on the bandwagon with. Personally, I like this better!

*Tips and Tricks*

-Nail foils don't last long at all. I would recommend them for a special occasion, or if you do your nails daily. 
- Foils last longer on toes. (For me personally)
- Use the most basic top coat you can find. It's kind of hit and miss as to which ones are compatible with foils. Some, (especially fast dry) will eat at the foils. In my experience, the cheapest, most random one I own works best.
- If you want to cover your whole nails with the foil, paint a similar color underneath, that way any foil chipping/mistakes blend in better.
- Be creative! There are so many ways to use these, but there is definitely a learning curve. 

If any of you try this, I would love to see it!

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  1. I love it! I also agree with the crackle statement. It looks better. (:

  2. that's awesome! makes me want to try some foils!

  3. Great post. They came out nice.

  4. That's a great idea! I have tons of foils and have been looking for ideas of how to use it!
    I'm still trying to find the perfect top coat

  5. wow great idea! it looks awesome!

  6. I am happy everyone likes it! I hope to do more with foils soon!

  7. I am so trying this what a great idea!!! Just makes me think why haven't I already tried this LMAO!!! I have some foil I ordered a while back, time to put on my mad hatter hat and start playing hehe :D

  8. @Chrissy- I never think to use my foils either because I have so many untried polishes!

  9. thanks for the tutorial. i never knew about this technique before. love from a new follower!

  10. Wow, this is such a great tip and I'm definitely stealing it from you :)

  11. Oooh this was a fun way of doing it. Have to give it a try

  12. wow i always wondered how to use these foils! every time I saw them in shops I was like hmmm but this is really cool I must try it! great tutorial!


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