Nail Sponging with Sinful Colors Neons

Good morning (almost afternoon)! This nail look is a fun collaboration between mine and Dustin's ideas. I have taken pics for each step of this look so maybe you can get some inspiration for yourself! :)

We started with 2 coats of Sinful Colors White on White, which is a really good, non-streaky white!

Next, Dustin layered on Sinful Colors Neon Melon on top. Layering a neon over white really helps ease the application/streakiness. Can I just say how much I love Neon Melon? It's in your face and super bright and it really brings out the dark tones in my skin. I can't wait to wear this on it's own!

This is where Dustin's art skills come in...I am sure I could master this with some practice, but when I tried to do it I muddied the colors up too much. So here is Sinful Colors Summer Peach and 24/7 sponged on top of Neon Melon. I would wear this look on it's own too because it's so fun and bright!

Finally, we chose the perfect stamp to compliment the sponging. This is Bundle Monster plate 205. I topped the mani off with Hard Candy's matte top coat.

You can purchase Sinful Colors at Walgreens, or directly from their site (but it has been down for a while now). I got the Hard Candy matte topcoat at Walmart.  Thanks for reading and have a great day! <3
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  1. loving the color combo!
    it's so bright and perfect for summer =)

  2. Love it, specially without the stamping.

    I need a matte top coat! ASAP!

    If you go to my blog you will see that I'm completely obsessed with 24/7 and Neon Melon! :)


  3. wow great look loving the colour choices really summery :)

    shel xx

  4. Love the neons. So bright, they would look amazing on the beach. Just need to get a tan first :-)

  5. love it! i think it looks great matte

  6. I went to Walgreens and I saw these nail polishes!! I really really really wanted them but i didnt have any money :( And THAT IS SOME CRAZY AWESOME NAIL ART!!! I luv how u guys did the sponging and the stamping just makes it look awesomer!! i'm definitely gonna try this nail art design if i go buy the colors!!!

  7. I have all those colors! The only thing I'm missing is the stamping plate but that's okay, I'm loving the almost tie-dye look! GREAT mani!

  8. STUNNING! I like that you did the konad over the sponging :D

  9. beautiful your blog, I'm following you.


  10. Perfect sponging! I have yet to master it too =| Do those neons from SC last pretty long or chip fast? I was totally eyeing them at Walgreens, but decided to find out first =P

  11. Ohmygosh this looks amazing <3

  12. How lucky are you to have a guy that enjoys your hobby??? Very lucky!

  13. Hello, I am doing a 28 day nail art challenge in February, to help demonstrate a style I linked this post to mine. Thank you for being awesome!! Jilltastic


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