Zoya Ali

It's Pink Wednesday today! I noticed I'm not the only one wearing hot pink today... lots of other bloggers participating chose it too! I chose Ali from Zoya's La-Di-Da collection. I got this in their recent exchange and am very happy with this polish! It's a blindingly bright hot pink...my fingers are practically glowing in this pic!

The finish reminds me somewhat of the swatches I have seen of Orly Plastix.This dries semi-matte and good in 1 coat!

Dustin had this design idea (he always thinks of the good ones!). Snakeskin from the new Bundle Monster plates...pretty much the only ones we have been using lately! I had to warm up to the idea, but it turned out  and I am happy with it.

The fun part of this mani is that Dustin mixed in a little Color Club Worth the Risque in with the stamping polish to get a more realistic effect. Even though the holo doesn't show up in the bottle very well (I got a later version of the formula) it definitely adds dimension here! 

Here is what we used: Konad stamping polish in black, Color Club Worth the Risque and Bundle Monster plate 215. I pretty much always use Sech Vite, which really brought this look in particular alive!

 I made this pic XL so you can really see the holo effect! :P

Well, we are halfway to Friday and only 25 followers away from my 100 follower giveaway...yayy! Have a good day! <3
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  1. That does look more realistic. Very cool!!! I wouldn't really be scared of a hot pink snake if I saw one...LOL

  2. Beautiful color and beautiful manicure!!



  3. OMG I love this!! Amazing!! :)

  4. Thanks everyone!! Glad you like it!


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