Finger Paints Chroma Coral + Born Pretty Store Review Series

Hey everyone! Hope your days are going fantastic! :)
As promised, here is Chroma Coral from Finger Paints. After all the glitters I had been doing lately, this was a MUCH welcome change!! Chroma Coral is a gorgeous orange red with a hint of shimmer to it.

I also mentioned that I will be reviewing some products for  Born Pretty Store. They were kind enough to let me pick out a few things to show you guys! 
I choose a few stamping plates and the one I'm showing you today is identical to Konad's M66. Born Pretty's version is M66 also. I don't have this exact plate from Konad, but I do own a few other plates of theirs and I really can't tell a difference. The only thing noticable anyway is that there isn't any paper backing on the Born Pretty plate and the Born Pretty plate retails for $2.99. Much cheaper than Koand and works just a well!

And here is how the image transfers. My white stamping polish is a little thick, which is why there is some blotchiness in the design. 

We added some rhinestones, also from Born Pretty, but purchased by me. I think I should have chosen a lighter color because the dark ones don't really shine on camera!

Here's the rhinestones, lot's of colors in a convenient little wheel! Just pick them up with tweezers and use a dot of nail glue to apply. Then use a top coat and they should stay put. Mine stayed on for 2 days without one coming off. 

A few last things to know about Born Pretty if you have never shopped there before:
- Not only do they have nail art items, but makeup as well.
- They ship free worldwide, and it's $3 for shipment confirmation. I have used both methods and personally I think you can use the free shipping option with confidence. The only downside for me is that since they are based in China it does take about a month to show up. It is worth the wait though!
- Be sure to "like" Born Pretty on Facebook....they are always having free giveaways!
- Finally, they have a program where you get points to put toward a purchase for every review you post on their website.

More from Born Pretty tomorrow! Hope you like it! <3

Nail stamping plate sent to me for review by Born Pretty Store,
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  1. I like the color by itself :)

  2. I like it! I placed an order last week for some brushes, rhinestones and a stamping np..I can't wait, time fly by please!!!

  3. I love that store! Great items :)

  4. I've got that plate on the way to me--nice to see your take on using it!

  5. I like this design. I also like how you photographed the plate and stones you used. I need to start doing this. Some of my followers have asked me what the plates look like! Love the design!

  6. I just recently bought this polish :D Looks great on you

  7. I like it, especially with the design!
    You have awards on my blog!

  8. Thanks you guys! Glad you like the items I picked to show you!


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