Pink Wednesday: Color Club Warhol

Another Pink Wednesday today... I am wearing  Warhol from Color Club's Poptastic collection. Super bright, hot pink!

Once I had applied this color it reminded me of Zoya Ali, but I don't think they are dupes for each other. What do you think?

I have had this glitter for a while and only used it once besides now. I really like it though. It's Sally Hansen In the Spotlight. Pink Wednesdays always seem to bring out the girly girl in me! :)

Thanks for reading! <3
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  1. i like how pink that is.. not sure about the glitter though

  2. I really need this collection... Wow. I haven't seen a color yet from it that I don't love!

  3. Love this pink but definitely don't think that they are dupes.

  4. This is REALLY pretty great job! <3

  5. It almost looks like it's two toned & I like it !

  6. Super bright pink, I love it!! It is very pretty :D


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