Born Pretty Review Series: Creme Polish

Happy Friday! It was so nice to have a 4 day week this week because now it's the weekend again! Yay! :)

So I am showing you the final item from Born Pretty, an awesome nail art store. This is an almost neon, mint green creme polish. Very pretty, bright color. However, the formula dries a bit chunky. You might notice that in the swatch pics. But a good topcoat smoothes everything all out. At first, I thought this was a dupe to Color Club Twiggie because in the bottle they look identical. But after comparing swatch pics...that's not the case!

So here's the Born Pretty polish. The website calls it Candy Color Mood polish, but this polish doesn't change colors. It retails for $4.39.

I opted for more subtle stamping and I really like it. I chose Sally Hansen Color Quick Pen in Green Chrome and Bundle Monster plate 201. This makes me want to find more polish like this that stamps. The effect is really cool. I know the ChG Romantique collection works well?

I hope you guys liked seeing the Born Pretty products and I hope to show you more in the future! <3
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  1. Love how bright and fun it is! I really need to get into the stamping nail thing but really have no clue about it!! haha

  2. wow wow wow !!!!!! V E R Y B E A U T I F U L

  3. That is an awesome green! The stamping made it look SO bright!

  4. i like the design :)

  5. I love this color! it's so bright :) And the design looks great with this color combo :D

  6. Yay! I'm glad you guys like it...a fun summer color.

    @Miranda- You should look into stamping...it's addicting and fun! There are lots of blog and youtube tutorials that can help get you started.

  7. That is awesome! Love this manicure! I love bold nails!

  8. The stamping made it look amazing!!!!


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