China Glaze GR8

Hey hey! How is everyone? I don't know about you, but I am going crazy with all these new collections coming out and no money to buy them! haha Particualrly Zoya and China Glaze fall one's!!

So here is a random swatch for ya...China Glaze GR8 from the OMG collection. This seems to be the least popular one in this collection considering you can still find this online for original retail prices. Even if it's not the most popular, I think it's really pretty! The color could have been more intense had I done another coat, this is 2. Reminds me of Zoya Goldie but holo!

Hope you enjoyed the holo goodness! Have a great weekend!! <3
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  1. I should get a couple of bottles. This is the only one I didn't want. Hmmm..

  2. Love this gold polish!!

  3. oh my! this looks beautiful! I didn't know this polish was that gorgeous! thanks for the pix!

  4. I'm surprised this one isn't more HTF considering how much you ladies like it! ;)


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