OPI Nice Stems Collection

Good afternoon polish lovers! I bought the OPI Nice Stems! collection after deciding that I NEEDED it! haha After seeing swatches multiple times I couldn't say no. OPI seems to do that...I'm not impressed at first and then it grows on me. 

I got the mini collection to save on cost a little. These are my first OPI minis and they really are teeny tiny! Here's the cute packaging:

And here are the colors. I wanted to use them all because I couldn't decide on just one!

They are all 2 coats and the application is pretty good. The only one that was a little finicky is Play the Peonies. I had bubbling issues, but I am blaming that on my basecoat.

I hardly ever use flowers in my nail art, but with a flower inspired collection- how could I not?! :)

The super tiny bottles are so hard to hold for pics!

I bought this at Trade Secret, but by now it's on Ebay and you might get a steal of a deal there! <3
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  1. that mani is so cute! i love this collection i lily love you looks amazing! the bottles are so small arent they? compared to china glaze minis they are microscopic almost lol!

    shel xx

  2. I didn't get the set because BADWY is so similar to other pinks I have, and I don't like light pinks, but I got ILLY and CTP and LOVE them!

  3. I love the four of them!!
    So cool!
    I love your mani!

  4. love the stamping idea! lovely!!

  5. Thanks girls! These are such fun colors!

  6. I'm totally lemming Come to Poppy!

  7. So cute~ I love your stamping!
    I also want to buy this mini set but unfortunately I can't find here...only the bigger bottles...

  8. So cute! I love the stamping(: Regis still hasn't gotten these in yet... I need to check around... I didn't want it at first but now I really want them LOL. :)

  9. Glad you ladies like it! You can also get really good deals on ebay for this collection!


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