Wet N Wild MegaSlicks Lipgloss Review

Hi everyone! I have a makeup post for ya today...I have to say, it is fun to mix it up a bit! I am reviewing a few Wet N Wild  MegaSlicks lipglosses, and the 3 I'm showing you are Cherry Glaze, Cherish, and Rose Gold.

I took this picture so you can see the packaging. Inside, is a sponge applicator. These dispense just the right amount of gloss so your lips don't get too much. None of these glosses are too thick or sticky which is always a plus! Also, as a side note, these glosses are not scented but they don't have a gross taste either.

All of these shades flattered my skin really well and I think they would flatter most people since these are pretty neutral. I think they would work well with whatever your natural lip color is.

Cherry Glaze- Super sheer, the color in the tube doesn't translate to the lip but it does give them a nice, juicy sheen.

Cherish- Probably my favorite of the three, a baby pink with shimmer. It goes on a little funky at first, but evens itself out nicely. This one is semi-sheer.

Rose Gold- I like this one a lot too just because it's an easy neutral that will go with anything. The formula is very similar to Cherish as it is semi-sheer also.

Cherry Glaze, Cherish, Rose Gold

Cherry Glaze, Cherish, and Rose Gold on me, they all look pretty similar here, don't they?

Overall, I would recommend all these glosses. They are easy to wear, and a great formula. They don't last too terribly long, but half of the fun of wearing a lipgloss is reapplying right?! :) 

You can get Wet N Wild at many drugstores, Walmart and Fred Meyer and these glosses retail for $1.99.

*These products were sent to me by the Wet N Wild to review*

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