Wet N Wild Ocean Grotto

Happy Saturday! Hope it's a good one for ya! I went to a bridal shower that was outside this morning and even though it was early in the day, it was HOT!

So I was in CVS this past week and saw a very picked over display of the WnW LE Mermaid's Cove collection. They just happened to have Ocean Grotto left, which was the only one I really wanted in this collection!  It's a gorgeous green/gold with microshimmer. 

We added a quick stamp to Ocean Grotto, this color didn't need a whole lot added to it because it stands out so well on it's own!

So there you have it! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! <3

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  1. Wow I almost bought this today! I have good mind to go back inot Rite Aid after work now that I've seen how gorgeous it is.

  2. Green Grotto is my favorite out of the collection, lucky you snatch it up ^_^ It looks great on you and I love the stamping you did

  3. I need to keep my eye out for this one is gorgeous

  4. Gotta love the colour! Really love the stamping :)

  5. @Jamie- I highly recommend trying ti find it because it's a great price for an amazing polish!

    @Forever '92- Thanks! It's my favorite too!

    @Claire- Thank you so much!

    @beauxs mom- You definitely should! :)

    @Spaceinvaders- Thanks! I'm pretty much addicted to stamping!

  6. These fans are beautiful over greenish polish


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