Orly Stone Cold

Hi everyone! I hope your Monday is going well...my hubby and I are having a Lost marathon this morning. We are almost done with the final season!

So today I have a polish from Orly's Mineral FX collection. My personal standout in the collection...Stone Cold! I first saw swatches from Rainbows and Sparkles and that same day found myself in the backroom of Sally Beauty Supply picking out what I wanted before they put the collection out Sept.1! It never hurts to ask ladies! ;)

This polish is freakin PRETTY! See for yourself:

This reminds me of melted sapphires the way it sparkles, and this shade is blue is definitely a favorite also! You ladies should try to track this down if you can...you won't regret it!

So to add a little something to this (not that a beauty like this needs it) we made a french tip using Fingerpaints Artists Sapphire.

And then some little shooting stars from a Born Pretty Store plate to complete the look! P.S. I have a coupon code in the sidebar for 10% off until August 31. They are also having a giveaway on their Facebook page right now!

Hope you like it! Do any of you plan on picking up some Orly Mineral FX?

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  1. This is the 3rd blog today I've seen this color on! It's been added to my wish list!! SO awesome!

  2. SO AWESOME! Love the stamping!

  3. Very pretty! Such an awesome blue!

  4. Beautiful, that's cool they let you purchase it before they put it out.

  5. Thanks ladies! You guys are great! <3

  6. LOOK great!!! I just got this polish I cant wait to use it!

  7. @Shadow- I was so excited to find this and I put it on as soon as I got home!

  8. Love the stars...but adore this shade. I picked up 2 extra bottles - one for a gift and one to maybe Franken with. It's a great shimmer blue that is brighter than other of the shimmer blues I have. It will be great on my toes this summer because it is lighter than say an OPI Swimsuit or fab CG Eyes Like Saphires/Blue Year's Eve/Drinking My Blues Away.


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