Born Pretty Eyeshadow Swatches/Review

Good morning readers! Two cosmetics posts in a row...I haven't forgotten about nails, I promise!

I am showing you some interesting eyeshadows from Born Pretty today. These come together  as nine in a set. They are all super shimmery and go on like silk, which I love. Most of these only produce a sheer wash of color, but I like that because it makes it easier to wear some of the less traditional colors.

Below is the packaging. These are loose eyeshadows. Normally that wouldn't bother me, I almost prefer them most of the time. But the packaging on these could be better. There is no sifter in the jar, so you have to be very careful when opening. You can see that some of them leaked in transit. But these are a total steal at $4.90 for all of these, so the packaging becomes a minor detail. 

I grouped these together by shade. Unfortunately, these have no names, only numbers.

Here is a quick eye look I put together with these recently. They are sort of sheer, but the effect is still fun. Using these wet would definitely intensify the color.

I think these are a great deal for some fun shadows! Once you look past the mess factor, these are fun and easy to use. It was hard to capture just how shimmery soft these are, but hopefully you get the idea!

You can find these shadows from Born Pretty here for $4.90. Code AMBERL73 gets you 10% off that!

What do you ladies think about these?

*Product sent to me for review.

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  1. Pretty! The makeup you did looks like something I'd think a fairy would wear! Light and airy :P

  2. cool shades, but really a little bit sheer. Maybe for daily make up ;)

  3. They looks great!!
    Thanks for the review!!


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