Born Pretty Pink Matte Polish

Hi polish lovers! 

I have a simple, but fun mani to show you today. I started with a Born Pretty matte polish similar to Zoya Lolly, only with shimmer. I have to say, I prefer this one to Lolly. The application was smoother as well. As with all Born Pretty polishes, this one doesn't have a name, only a number (07).

My favorite thing about mattes is how quickly they dry! 

Then we topped off the mani with lacy nail stickers. This is such an easy way to dress up a plain polish...I love the way this looks!

You can get the pink matte polish here for $3.25 and the stickers here for $1.52. To get 10% off, use code AMBERL73 at checkout!

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Do you guys like this look? <3

*This polish was sent to me for review.
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  1. Great polish and nice looking nail art ;)

  2. I love the color and the finish! Nice job!

    <3 Shannon

  3. So cool! Normally I don't like matte polishes, but this one I do, looks terrific, and with the lace..... cute! ;-D

  4. This polish is gorgeous!!
    I love it!
    And your mani is great!

  5. I love the white lace on the pink matte polish! Very pretty.

  6. Is this the one they state as 'Shinny Red Color', item ID 1028?

  7. that is such a pretty pink! And I love the design :D

  8. I so love this mani! Classy AND fun :) perfect!

  9. I'm not getting the nail polish deal....it's showing kiddie capes.

  10. Thanks ladies! I answered your questions via email but if you didn't get it let me know!!


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