Cult Nails Top and Base Coat Review

 Hey polish lovers! For those of you with a day off today, have a safe and fun day!

Today I am showing you samples of the soon to be released top and base coats from Cult Nails! I was very excited to be chosen to review these products for you guys. This is my first experience using Cult Nails products and just from using these nail treatments I can tell they are a good, quality product. Congrats Maria! :)

Here are the sample bottles. I imagine these will look like the typical Cult bottle when they are for sale. 

First up is the base coat. I think the name is creative! It's Get It On Perfecting Basecoat. I like that the basecoat is tinted. This makes it faster and easier to find in a sea of look alike clear polish. The base coat does a good job of creating an even surface for a nice, fresh mani. I have used this under my polish for the past 3 weeks and didn't experience any staining either. Finally, this is a quick dry base coat...who doesn't love that?

And here is the Wicked Fast Speed Dry Top Coat. I always am wary of any fast dry topcoat because I hate shrinkage. As with the base coat, I used this with all my manis for the past 3 weeks and experienced no shrinkage! This does live up to it's name in that it does dry very fast. I would say faster than pretty much any topcoat I have used in the past. My number one reason for giving this topcoat a good review though is that it plays nice with nail stamping!! As far as I can remember, my designs never streaked! My only reservation about this is that it doesn't give a high shine. I don't see this as a good glitter topcoat, but with less textured polishes this gets the job done with a nice sheen.

Overall I would recommend both of these products. Though the topcoat isn't an all in one wonder, anything that dries quickly without shrinkage is a must have! I am glad I had the opportunity to try these. Sometimes you never know what you are going to get when it comes to top and base coats (which can make or break a mani).  So what do you guys think about these?

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  1. @imfeeling-nailventrous: Thanks!!

  2. Thanks for this review! I really want to try the top coat after seeing Maria post about it on fb. New follower here! :)

  3. @Kay Jay- Glad you like it! And I'm happy to have you here! :)


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