NYC In the Spotlight LE Polishes

Hi there! I have swatches from NYC's limited edition fall collection called In the Spotlight. These polishes are perfect for fall. They are simple, but sometimes simple is good! :)

The first is Scenestealer Grey. A blue toned charcoal with shimmer. I think this is my favorite!

Next, is Backstage Brown. This is a caramel shade with shimmer.

And finally, Underground Purple is a magenta with blue shimmer.

All of these polishes covered in 3 coats. These retail for $1.99 and I have seen this LE collection at Kmart so far.

I also have baby toes for you too! It's been a while! Sorry for the blurry pic, keeping an 11 month old still is never easy. She is sporting China Glaze It's Alive! A little preview before I show it to you for real. :)

*Products sent to me for review.

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  1. that magenta one is goooorgeous! and omg baby toes, so cute!

  2. lol baby toes! so cute and yummy!!

  3. Scenestealer Grey and Backstage Brown are cute. And the baby's toes are soooo cute.

  4. Undergroud purple - it's amazing!

  5. Scenestealer Grey is my fav!

  6. aw baby toes are too cute! i painted my babies toes when she was 4 months but now at 9 months she puts her feet in her mouth.


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