A Couple Frankens for Your Viewing Pleasure

Hello! It's my husband, Dustin's birthday today! We celebrated with sushi last night (yum!!). Wish him a happy birthday because he is as much of a contributor to this blog as I am. <3

So it's fitting that this post involves some of his frankens! These were just playing around and would definitely need some tweaking to be better quality. Both are unamed...any ideas?

Franken #1 is in a clear base layered over white. It has pink stars, and irredescent round and bar glitters. Dustin thinks there's too much going on, but I love it!

Franken #2 is a mix of orange, green, gold, and black glitters. Dustin calls this Fall in a Bottle. ;) 

That's it for today...Dustin does a great job huh? ;)  Enjoy your Saturday!

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  1. Just call it Too much Going On. I like it also. Wouldn't it be cute for a little girl's birthday mani-party?! Looks like a sleep over. Call it Sleep Over.
    Here in Oklahoma we don't really have too much beautiful autumn foliage. Except down in the southwest part of the state. (I hail from
    Ohio and miss the cool, crisp fall.) But everyone goes to the sw on foliage tours. They go on the Talihina Drive. No. 2 could be called Talihina Drive.

  2. Oh my I love that orange one. I want it! lol!
    Happy Birthday to your husband!

  3. Those are great frankens, I really like the fall one! Happy Birthday to your hubby!


    And I was thinking about Stars in a Bottle, Sweetalicious, something like that, both look great, and simply lóve the name of the 2nd one, simple, but sooooo accurate!

  5. Omg! Our husbands share the same b-day! I stayed up late baking him a chocolate cake! Happy Birthday,Dustin! Your frankens rock!

  6. Fall in a bottle is super nice. I think I will do something similar. I have a red and orange glitter done already. Might add green to it. ;)

  7. I love both of them! Very pretty. :)

  8. Franken #2 is awesome! I am not good at names, but your husband is VERY good at this.


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