China Glaze Let it Snow collection: My Picks

Hi readers! Today I have my favorites from the China Glaze Let it Snow collection to show you! Swatching these got me so excited to make fun holiday nail designs and wear these for real. I was very impressed with these colors. Let's get to it!

This is Poinsettia. A perfect, bright, holiday red creme that is a one coater! Believe it or not, this is the only red in my collection like this. I can definitely see myself using this throughout the year.

 I'm sure you guys have all heard of this one by now. Snow Globe is full of iridescent glitters in varying sizes. Great for layering over anything and adding a nice wintery touch to any mani. Here is one coat layered over Poinsettia. I also can't wait to try it over silver or white!

Next is Holly-day. Again, the perfect holiday green creme in one coat! I usually don't get very excited about creme polishes, but every once in a while it happens. This one is a fave!

And the next popular one you have all probably seen before is Twinkle Lights. This is gold, red, and green glitters in a clear base. Below is one coat over Holly-Day. 

And for full coverage, here is 3 coats. This is the ultimate Christmas polish. I can't wait to wear this one!

This is Ring in the Red. A super glittery, bright red. This is one you just have to see in person on the nail to appreciate it's full glory. I currently have this as my pedi. This is 3 coats of red multi sized glitters in a tinted red jelly base.

Here is Glittering Garland. This is 2 coats I believe. A dark green with lighter green fleck type glitter. This one doesn't look like much in the bottle, and I almost didn't get it despite seeing swatches before. But Dustin insisted, and I am glad he did! Too pretty!

And my final pick for this collection is Tinseltown. Another one Dustin had to convince me to get! I thought my Milani One Coat Glitter in Silver Dazzle was close enough not to need this one, but there are big enough differences to justify owning both. This is the silver/grey version of China Glaze It's Alive from this years Halloween collection. Love!

So there you have it! See anything you like? If so, what are your picks from this collection?

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  1. Great minds... have all the ones you picked plus Blue Year's Eve! I just couldn't resist a shimmery/glittery blue. I love this collection.
    Just wondering when will you start to ship 'husband's winter frankens?

  2. Love your picks! I'm definitely getting Pointsettia, Snow Globe, Glittering Garland and Twinkle lights, perhaps Velvet Bow too, this collection is amazing

  3. You 6 picks are the same as my 6 picks - I already have snow globe since it's a re-release - hoping they put it into the classics line for a while. Really the entire collection is nice - I just don't need the deep burgundy or that sort of 'normal' red - but I do agree - Poinsettia, despite all my reds - I don't have one to match that one.

  4. Oh man....now I need to buy twinkle lights. Thanks a lot!!! LOL!

  5. Wow! Now I regret only getting Glittering Garland! I need the whole set!

  6. These are so much better in person! Definitely check them out if you can! :)

  7. Great collection and great swatches! The only one I have so far is Snow Globe, but I really do like all of them!

  8. That Twinkle Lights is out of hand!!! Totally in the mood for some egg nog now :)


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