China Glaze Midtown Magic + Nail Art

Hello! Another quick, scheduled post! :)

This is Midtown Magic from the China Glaze Metro collection. This was a tough one to capture in pics because it's so dark. IRL it's is a deep plum base with golden fleck shimmer throughout. I know it looks kinda brown here. Very pretty, and fall appropriate.

This stamp is in the newer set of Bundle Monster plates and I never noticed it until recently! It's hiding in the corner on one of the plates. On top is Wet N Wild The Gold and the Beautiful. I love this look? How about you?

Have a good day!

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  1. I love it with the extra glitter! I only noticed that stamp myself yeterday. I still haven't tried it yet though.

  2. I love midtown magic! Great minds must think a like! We posted the same color today! Looks beautiful with the added stamp and glitter too!

  3. So cute! Loving all the glitter:)


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