Husband's Winter Frankens are HERE!!

Hi everyone! I know I promised this post yesterday...but I fell out of my blogging groove after only having scheduled posts this weekend and not writing everyday. But I am back and this post is long, but hopefully you keep reading because it's totally worth it!!

Dustin has been working hard on perfecting these and is probably more excited than I am about this post! He loves getting feedback besides from me. :)  FYI: this collection is subdivided into 2 themes: Gold and Ice. First up is the Gold half!

This is Evergold. I have a soft spot for greens, and I LOVE this one! Multi size gold, green, and blue glitters in a green jelly base. This is 3 coats.

This is one coat swatched on a nail wheel:

Next, is Five Golden Rings. This has 10 different types of gold glitters and micro flakies in it! This is 3 coats. Fun gold for the holidays!

One coat swatched below on a nail wheel:

Here is Golden Rainbow. This has mixture of different colored holo glitters and micro flakes. 

One coat swatched on a nail wheel:

Gleaming Red has multiple sizes of red and gold glitters with micro flakes in a red jelly base.

This is one coat swatched:

And now for the Ice half! The layering possibilities are endless with these so we are showing them over a basic black (except for the first one)  and white so you can get a general idea of what they are like.

This is Snow Day. Multi sized iridescent glitters in a milky white base. This one is a fave of mine!

This is Black Ice. Iridescent glitters, multi sized black and holo glitters in a clear base.

Next is Jack Frost. Iridescent glitters with color shifting chameleon pigment. I love this!

Permafrost. Same as above only with different colors in the color shifting pigment.

And finally, we have Glacier Frost. Same description as above, just different colors!

So there they are! Do you like them?

I will be adding this collection to my blog sale tab soon and you will have direct access to these swatches and pricing info there for future reference.

The Gold collection is .46 oz/13.5 mL and the Ice is .43oz./12.7mL.

Pricing - Note: these cost more to make than our previous set, thus the increase! :)
Individual bottles: $8
Gold Set (4 bottles): $30/set
Ice Set (5 bottles): $35/set
Complete collection: $55

 Shipping within the US (contact me for international)
1-2 bottles - $3
3-9 bottles- $5
10+ - $7

Send me an email at amberajohnson89@gmail.com to place your order or if you have questions! Thanks!

*Quantities are also more limited than previously. We will not be buying more supplies than what we already have...so don't miss out!

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  1. Omg these look awesome love the ice collection!

  2. NOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    I want them all, but especially Evergold and Black ice!! Oh so badly. OMG. Damn. Too bad I literally don't have that much money. :'(

  3. so so so pretty.. Love it. are these the ones you showed before on the nail wheels? they looked a little different!

  4. These are amazing!! I'm impressed!! You and your hubby should make this a legit business!!
    Evergold is the one that is blowing me away!! Wow!! I like them all though. Great job.

  5. These are beautiful, you guys made visual poetry with these!

  6. These are so amazing!! I love Jackfrost and Permafrost. The first green you showed was stunning as well! Your husband is amazing! haha:)

  7. What is a "franken"? I looooovvvveee these. I want them all! My faves are the gold, white and red. That red is awesome!!!!

  8. Oh My Lipstick! Shades are sooo awesome and glitter looks amazing.
    You've got real nice blog. Btw my first giveaway at my blog.

  9. Wow! The Ice Collection just blew me away... Absolutely stunning!

  10. woooooooowww these are AH-mazing!!

  11. Wow this franken looks wonderful! The ice collection is stunning :-D

  12. I'm totally in love with snow day and black ice, but they are ALL beautiful!

  13. these are gorgeous!!! i love the ICE collection the best! what a fantastic job!!

  14. ACK!!!!!! Amber OMG you and hubby did it again!! I WANT THESE holy cannoli! <3

  15. Awesome! Sending you an email now!

  16. Amazing job! I want them all. Have to see where my $ is after this major surgery I am to have comes up end of this week.

  17. @beachgal- Thank you and good luck! :)

  18. Wow your husband does an amazing job! The green is awesome, I wear a lot of green and white during wrestling season to support our high school wrestling team, soooooooooooooo guess Im gonna be ordering it! hehe


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