LA Girl Cracked Polish

So I am betting that you are really bored if you click on a post about crackle. I am just so over it! I received a couple to review, so I tried to get a little more creative with it.

The base for the first is LA Girl Iron Red. This leans more pink, but it's such a pretty color!

And then it's topped off with LA Girl Shattered. The metallic effect is much more apparent in person, fun, but still not my style. The polish itself worked well though...so no complaints there!

And the second look is purple and white stripes over a white base, and then topped off with LA Girl Shattered. Kinda fun right?

So there you have it...LA Girl Cracked polishes. These come in more colors also...another good brand to try for those of you who aren't tired of crackle!
*Some products sent to mr for review.
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  1. That is a very pretty pink. I didn't see that when I picked up the L.A. Girls that I got. I still really like crackle so I like them.

  2. ooooo I love it with all the bright stripes underneath, well done!

  3. I like the second one a lot! The first polish is pretty too!

  4. The last picture is epic. My 6 year old niece loves when we do nails. She calls it crackleized. Ha.

  5. I'm really loving crackles! You can be so adventurous with the base colours and it doesn't matter if it's an absolute mess because the crackle makes it look amazing!

  6. Great manicures. I love the second one ;)

  7. Wow!!
    so cool!
    I love your combos!

  8. Both gorgeous!! I love the second one!(:

  9. Thanks guys! Glad to know some of you still appreciate crackle!


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