Lex Cosmetics Seashell

Hello! Have you guys heard of Lex Cosmetics? This company gives you the opportunity to have your own shade of polish made! You submit your color idea in picture form and then include a description about the color. After that, you color could be chosen to be voted on by the public and made if it wins! Cool huh?

The shade I am showing you today is Seashell. A charcoal gray with scattered fine holo glitter. I think the name fits this polish perfectly! This is without topcoat and look how shiny it is! Also, the cap is ADORABLE...why can't all polish companies be more creative like this? :)

This picture was taken with flash, so you can see more of the holo glitter.

And to celebrate the season, not-so-spooky ghosts were stamped on top. Cute combo I think!

Another cool thing about Lex cosmetics is that they donate an amount of each bottle sale to a cause, and each color has it's own cause. Go check out the rest of their shades here

What do you guys think of Seashell?

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  1. I think it's an absolutely gorgeous color, but I can't help but be a little disappointed at their interpretation because I was hoping for a duochrome. lol

  2. Oh wow, very cool -- love the color *and* that they do the fun customization! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I think it is stunning!

  4. this looks kinda like that new my private jet and I really like it, but I wish that OPI would change its name, it's an ok polish by its own and therefore should have its own name instead of basking in the original mpj glory :(

  5. Such a great color!!
    I love it!
    So cute design on it!!


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