OPI Jade is the New Black + Nail Art

Hi lovely readers! I hope your weekend has been more relaxing than mine! Me and Dustin had so much to do that it felt like just another week day. haha

Today is the rare occasion that I show you a creme polish. ;)  I usually go for the glitter and shimmer, but a creme is a nice refresher sometimes. This is OPI Jade is the New Black. This is 2 coats and very shiny on it's own!

And then, I put Essence Nail Art Twin Edward on top. I LOVE this glitter topcoat. The square glitter is so much more fun. Also, I really wish that I could have gotten a better pic of this because it really doesn't  do it justice. Maybe because I was in a moving car at the time? Not gonna do that again! (PS I wasn't driving. :P)

Here's a yummy macro bottle shot:

And for nail art, this idea is sooo simple and easy and I have seen it floating around the blogging world lately. Just take black and white polish and makes some dots with dotting tools and your good!  Cute little monsters. :)

So that's it for now! Don't forget we still have a few bottles left from the winter franken collection. You can see swatches here. And if you haven't, go check out the amazing (and affordable!) stamping plates for sale here!

Thanks for reading my blog! You guys are awesome! <3
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  1. What a beautiful color and an amazing glitter topcoat!

    When you added the eyes it reminded me of a frog :) So cute!

  2. Very cute : ) Where can I get my hands on that glitter?! Love the square glitters!

  3. OPI Jade is the New Black is fantastic!

  4. Thank you!!

    @auntheathee- You would have to have a connection in Europe to get it...sorry!

  5. This mani is really cute! Instead I wish I could get my hands on the opi jade is the new black :-( Such a beautiful colour!!

  6. Looks great. I never have done anything with my Jade Is the New Black but wear it on it's own.

  7. The eyes are awesome! Jade is the New Black is one of my top favorite polishes, looks great with the glitter


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