Sally Hansen Salon Effects Review

Hi everyone! It's a cloudy, rainy day today...but that just get's me excited for fall. Can't wait to do more Halloween nails! 

This post has been a long time coming! I wanted to accurately judge wear time on these strips so I had to wear a few myself and employ the help of my mom and sister. ;)

I think everyone has heard of/tried these since they first came out. But for those who haven't taken the plunge yet...maybe this post will help you a little! When you open a box of Salon Effects here are the contents: Instructions, a mini buffer/file, 2 sealed packages of strips.

Steps to apply: Push back cuticles, buff your nails, find strips that match your nail width, and apply! There seems to be a small learning curve to them, but nothing impossible.

So I used my sister and mom to help me test out wear time on these. I was especially interested to see how these lasted on my mom who can't get polish to last to save her life. :(

These are my mom's nails. She chose Raise a Glass, a metallic champagne hue. This is right after application. We didn't push her cuticles far enough back!

This is after 7 days of wear. I know you are probably thinking this looks terrible, but this is what my mom's nails usually look like after day 2 of wearing polish! She was happy to have something that lasted a little longer and has since asked for help applying more!

Next, here are my sister's nails. She chose Girl Flower to wear. She gets pretty good wear from normal polish, but not the best. Here they are after first applying:

And after 7 days. Not nearly as bad as my mom's, just some tip wear and a few chips. These outlasted her and she was ready for a change.

And here are my nails. I am wearing Frock Star. I wore these while traveling recently knowing I wouldn't have time to change my polish. Here they are after first applying:

And after about 5 days. I want to note that I have the best wear time from polish out of myself, mom and sister. Thus the minimal tip wear on these.

That's all the wear tests I have. Here are just a couple swatches of some other shades.

This is Squeezed.

And this is Glitz Bitz.

I can't say I would purchase these again unless I knew I wasn't going to be able to change my polish for a while. I do my nails too often. But for people like my mom who doesn't get good wear out of normal polish, I would highly recommend these. Also, I love how these apply neatly with no cuticle clean up needed!

What do you  ladies think? What are your experiences with Salon Effects?

*Products sent to me for review.

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  1. I don't think I'd ever get them. They are SO MUCH for one use. Especially since I change my polish at least 3 times a week!

  2. Love them to but won't buy any in the future! Too expensive for my use

  3. I like them, but agree they are too expensive for just a one time use. I usually only get the limited edition ones now, like Halloween and they have Christmas ones out now.

  4. Thanks for the review. I've been wondering about these.

  5. I agree with you, I think they are too expensive for one use also.


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