Born Pretty Emerald Shimmer Nail Polish

Hi everyone! Today's post is more Born Pretty nail polish. I really love this line (it's from the same one as yesterday) and hope to have more to show you in the future! 

This is a gorgeous emerald green shade with the same shimmer/glitter as the rest in this line. It's number is 05. This color just makes me happy, and I think colors in this family are my favorite to wear!

Here it is with the flash, to show how it looks more like a glitter sometimes. PS...I just realized I was holding Seche Vite instead of the actual polish. Oops!

The design for my mani comes from the same plate as yesterday, M74. I hardly ever do flowers as nail art, but it's fun every once in a while! The dots were made with dual ended nail art pens, which I will be reviewing soon. I think my favorite is the ring finger.

Well that's it for today! Use code AMBERL73 for 10% off, as always. <3

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  1. I looove this color!
    And great deco on it!

  2. The ring finger is my favorite too, the colors are just perfect together :)
    I got a polish just like this one today, but it´s from Avon :)

  3. This color is great and I love the flower details!

  4. Love this base shade - have never heard of this brand before....have to look up where it's sold.


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