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Hi everyone! 

I just wanted to share with you a purchase I made recently from Born Pretty Store. They have more than just nail art supplies. They also have some super cute jewelry and hair accessories. Because they have such great prices I was able to get a good amount of things for a little over $20! I know it helps to see this stuff on other places besides the website before purchasing so hopefully this helps someone.

The first thing I got was a Hello Kitty bling necklace. Adorable! The chain is longer than I was expecting, but that's not a huge issue. You can find this and many other HK items *here*.

The next thing I purchased was these earrings. They remind me of something from Tiffany's (one day maybe!), for now these work! ;) I wore these a couple days ago...love 'em! You can find these *here*.

This hair clip is a new fave of mine. I have been wearing it to keep my bangs out of my face when they bother me. It stays put really well and adds a little extra something to your look. You can find this *here*. 

If you have been following my blog for a while, you know I love bows and bling and these hair ties combine both! There are a bunch of colors to choose from, but I only got 2. Can't wait to wear these with a wavy side pony! You can find these hair ties *here*.

And finally, I got this headband. I love the cute design and fall colors. So far, it doesn't seem like it will pinch my head, which most headbands usually do to me. You can get this *here*.

And because I wasn't picture ready at the time, my little Taylee is modeling this headband. She is still in her PJ's here, but you get the idea. <3

I definitely plan on purchasing more cute accessories from Born Pretty in the future. They are such an easy and cheap way to update your wardrobe. My order only took 3 weeks to get here from China and free shipping with no minimum worldwide is always a plus! I have a coupon code that can help you too: AMBERL73 gets you 10% off!

Have any of you tried Born Pretty accessories or do you plan to?

*These items were purchased by me and reviews are not influenced in any way.
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  1. My favorite is the headband! It's just so nice. :)

  2. aweee your daughter is sooo cute! I was going to order some of their accesories not too long ago.. had everything in the cart then decided not to, I might go back and order some!

  3. I have a friend that would die for that necklace. I will check them out. Thanks Amber!!! Your daughter is beautiful btw!!! You make me laugh with the "not picture ready" bit. LOL! I thought everyone liked posting pictures of themselves first thing in the morning when they wake up. No make up. No coffee. LOL!!! That's when I'm soooo sexy!!!

  4. Everything is soo pretty! I especially love the bow hair ties.

  5. pls post photos of the hair clips, earrings and necklace :D ive been thinking about buying those stuffs too, especially the earrings and im glad i stumbled upon your post. definitely going to put it in my wish list :)


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