Color Club Scent-uous Glitters Swatches

Hi everyone! 

I have been feeling in a little rut blogging lately. Do any of you ever wonder what your motives are with being a nail blogger? I have definitely figured that out since I began blogging, but since there are so many nail blogs out there now, it seems like I'm not making any sort of impact or special contribution. That was a big reason why I started is because I felt like I had something to offer, and now I'm not so sure. Blah...enough of my pity party! Sometimes it just helps to put things out there. :)

My post today is really about the Color Clubs I'm sure you have heard so much about. These are a Sally Beauty Supply exclusive in a collection called Scent-uous. Obviously, these are scented! There are also some foils in the collection, but they were similar to things I already owned. 

The first is Orna-minted. This one has a mint scent with multi sized silver glitter in a clear base. Here it is layered over Color Club Cold Metal which I love on it's own also!

This next is Very Merry Berry, and it smells like berries (duh!). This is large purple and small glitters in a clear base. Here it is layered over Color Club Foil Me Once.

And finally, here is Sugar Plum Yum. I think this is my favorite of the 3. Large purple glitter with small green glitter in a clear base. This is layered over Color Club Antiquated.

Alright, so have any of you picked these up? What do you think about Color Club at Sally's?

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  1. I love the idea of Sally's carrying Color Club! I picked up Sugar Plum Yum and Very Merry Berry and they're so pretty! I love VMB over the pink!

  2. They Are Lovely Colors..! Love Your Nails

  3. I don't like any of these :( They look too chunky, I did pick up the red and gold though.. soo pretty! On the blogging part, I think it might be just to keep track of your own stuff too, somedays you might not offer something different to other bloggers but others you can make an impact :-P

  4. I love the Sugr Plum Yum! It looks great over Antiquated!

  5. SON ESPECTACULARES!!!! bellisimos!!!!
    Saludos desde Argentina!!!! n_n

  6. I like your blog! Yours is one of my favorites because you update frequently and your pictures are always so clear and a good representation of the polishes...so yes, you are contributing :)

  7. I can't even pick a favorite out of those three! I like them all! I really do...But I am not sure how I feel about the big huge chunk of glitters lol......

  8. Do they REALLY smell? Cuz the polishes look awesome and are probably enough to get on their own but it kills me when they say "Scented" and they're totally not, you know?

    And feel ya on the blogging -- it's ok to take time off, this stuff is supposed to be fun, right? :)

  9. @Nail Nerd- They actually do have a good scent! I could even smell it a little after removing!

  10. Purple and green is my favorite color combination so I had to pick up Suga Plum Yum but I hate the way it applies. It's so gooky... Still... I love it...


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