Revlon Edgy Elegance: My Picks

Hey ladies!

I have been sitting on these polishes for a while and finally got around to swatching them. I have seen them at Ulta recently, so you should still have a chance at finding them.

These shades come from Revlon's Edgy Elegance collection that I believe is LE. These are supposed to be metallic, but they don't come across that way when compared to say, Color Club Foiled. These are still fun, but I would have released this for winter instead of fall because that's what all these shades remind me of. 

I chose 4 out of the maybe 8 available and for reference, they are all 2 coats.

 This first one is Girly. It's a very light  pastel purple. This is definitely a color I have nothing like!

Next is Aloof. Weird name, but cool color. The idea of a metallic white intrigued me, but as you can see it's more of a shimmer than metallic. I still like it a lot though. I have had a soft spot for pretty whites lately.

This one is called Princess. This is a light blue, not my fave of the bunch only because I like the Color Club version a little better.     

And finally, here is Innocent. This is a pastel pink with almost a peachy tone to it.

So what do you guys think of these? Have you bought any, or plan to?

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  1. They are pretty! I especially like the first one. Fantastic swatches as usual. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Your nails are beautiful.

  3. Loving Princess! Have not seen these hit my usually very limited Rite Aide. Hope I can find them. I have been really surprised by some of the thing Revlon has been coming up with. I had written that brand off eons ago. The scented summer ones caught my interest - since then I have been trying to pay attention. They still have major misses in watery formulas at times - but then almost equal seems some really good formulations and truly unique or at least interesting shades.

  4. I am digging the first and second ones!


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